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Hugh Jackman Icons

HJ Icon Community

Hugh Jackman Icon Community
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

welcome to hugh_icons! This is an icon/graphics community dedicated to the talented actor Hugh Jackman!
Here you can post icons, wallpapers and other graphics. That means, don't post pics or info, there are other communities for that.

Founded by dgtall, currently moderated by pebls

If you have any question or problems, feel free to contact the community moderator


o1. Please keep your posts on topic. This community is dedicated to Hugh Jackman. You can post any graphics related to Hugh Jackman, his movies etc. but nothing different.

o2. Posting: Please post teasers for your graphics. Don't post more than three icons as teasers, if yes put them under a lj-cut. If you post teasers for bigger graphics use thumbnails.

o3. Tag your entries correctly. We want to keep this community organised, it's better for all of us. Read the tags guide/list here

o5. For Watchers:follow the rules which iconmaker gives you;
common rules are:
- don't hotlink
- don't steal
- comment and credit